Speaking Topics

Strengths Based Development & Leadership
Everyone has talents – they are part of each person’s DNA! How leverage them in the workplace can make the difference between living a meaningful, impactful life or a life of tasks without engagement. This session conveys the basic philosophy of strengths-based leadership/engagement. StandOutTM. Identify strengths and actions to bring out the best each person has to offer in the workplace and in life!

Communication Skills
Much of life’s conflicts and misunderstandings can be attributed to ineffective communication skills. This experiential session explores the key elements of listening, inventories personal goals, and builds skills in developing effective communication strategies while maintaining mutually respectful relationships. Participants leave with new strategies to practice, and grow communication skills to improve working relationships.


In life no one achieves everything they have or know on their own. One way to fully experience the power of your achievements is to use them to help others. In addition, why not seek out others to help you achieve your goals? This session will provide some basics on coaching (receiving or giving) and the elements of coaching relationships that if used, will increase the likelihood of success for the coach and coachee.

Collaboration and Inclusion
Everyone has something to contribute – especially when it comes to problem solving and projects. In this session, the elements of diversity are discussed as a basis for understanding that each person has a unique perspective that is shaped by many things in their life. The goal is for participants to leave the session with an appreciation for others’ unique qualities and concepts, and to effectively include others to gain the best results from collaboration.


Do you have so much going on in your life that your mind constantly races with many thoughts, problems, and things to do? This type of thinking creates stress! Stress can have a profound impact on your productivity, health, and relationships. While there are many ways to reduce stress, mindfulness is a way of being that, with knowledge and practice, can be done almost in any place, at any time to provide clarity and reduce stress. This session explains the dynamics of stress and shares the practice of mindfulness to reduce stress. Participants will leave with a few ways to practice mindfulness.

The Multi-generational Workplace 
Did you know that this is the first time in history that FOUR generations are in the workforce at the same time? While some may view this as an irritant, others know that this is an exciting time, filled with possibilities to learn and grow from generations that are different than your own. This session will provide general information and context about the four generations, and how they can show up in the workplace. With patience, knowledge, and understanding, the goal is have participants leave the session with ways to leverage the perspectives, and unique ideas of each person, no matter the generation.


Leadership Through a Crisis
“You ARE equipped to handle it!”
When crisis situations arise, the impact may be different for each of us. Leading others while in crisis takes authenticty, knowledge, skills and compassion. In this session we will talk about crisis leadership – what it is, what you can do and resources to help. Most importantly, this session will be a reminder of skills you already have to handle it! Bring your questions for a group discussion!

There are times in life that you just don’t feel like it! “It” can be related to things work duties, home duties or personal duties. This session takes the elements of motivation and breaks it down into digestable parts for understanding. We will then share ideas and tips for encouraging motivation and moving ahead toward success!


Imposter Syndrome Unwrapped
When great things happen have you ever thought, “I am not supposed to be here” or “I am really not as smart/funny/successful as they all think I am.” Do you shy away from compliments and encouragement? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s called “Imposter Syndrome” and many of us have these feelings! In this session, we will unwrap Imposter Syndrome to share what it is, its origins and how it affects us. Next, we will talk about ways to diffuse Imposter Syndrome so that you can be free to confidently own your success and happiness!”

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